What Discounts You Should Try To Get

Find out what car insurance discounts you should try to get and get auto insurance online quotes for free from our website. Here’s the list:

Free-instant-car-insurance-quote1) Bundling policies or use multi-car insurance plans. It is wise to use the same company for home or renters insurance. Furthermore, you will save money by insuring multiple cars under the same carriers

2) Payment discounts. Paying your bill in a single lump sum, rather than 12 monthly payments, will help you get a small discount.

3) Digital payment discounts.   Choosing paperless billing is another way of saving time and money.

4) Move or change jobs and have a shorter commute. Driving fewer miles per year means that you are less exposed to car accidents. Make sure to check the annual mileage and see if you qualify for lower mileage discount.  Also, check for this discount if you retire or you join a carpool.

5) Usage based programs are really helpful.  If you drive less than150 miles a week and have safe driving habits, you could save 5% to 50% by signing up for a data-tracking program,

6.) Defensive driving discounts for seniors.  Several companies offer a discount to drivers age 55 and older who take a defensive driving course. Of course, you must attend an approved defensive driving class.

7) Good student discount. Companies encourage young drivers to study well. Studies found out that students with good grades also tend to be more responsible and more careful to details, including when driving.  You could get a discount of up to 25% if you get good grades. Furthermore, there’s a 10% discount if the young driver takes an approved defensive driving class.

8) Away from home student discount. This is a generous discount of t up to 35% off if the teen driver attends college at least 100 miles away and drives only when returning home.

9) Affinity discounts.  Being member of a certain club or company affiliated with a certain insurer can also bring you some discounts.

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