The Most Common Car Insurance Repair Scams

We do not live in a perfect world and reality can sometimes hit you hard. There are many scam artists, some of them really talented at what they do, who would gladly profit of your unfortunate event. The despair, stress and frustration following an accident can let you pretty vulnerable. And crooks target exactly the most vulnerable people. Find out which the most common car insurance repair scams are and how to avoid them. And if you are interested in auto insurance, visit our website and get car insurance quotes online for free.

As you can easily figure out, most of the scams involve auto body shops. After an accident, you do not think that you will be scammed, especially since you know that the insurance company will pay the repair bills. And scammers rely exactly on that. Not checking the costs and not caring that much about the repair process will let you exposed.

Overcharging the insurance company with insane repair costs is the first major scam. And it is the most commonly used. You take your car into the shop following an accident, and they tell you they’re going to replace just about everything with brand new parts. Less-than-honest auto body repair shops aren’t going to use brand new parts at all, but they will bill the insurance company for the new parts. And those shoddy parts that are, at best, unsafe.

Inadequate airbag replacement   is perhaps one of the most dangerous car insurance repair frauds that one could possibly encounter. Shady auto body repair shops may instead use the following items:

  • Packing peanuts
  • Paper towels
  • Airbags from non-compatible makes and models of cars
  • Untested airbags from junked or salvaged cars

This car insurance repair fraud is an instant revenue source for shady auto body repair shops. The typical driver does not know how a fully functional airbag looks.

Windshield replacement scams are also pretty common. Usually a “car mechanic” approaches you after you exit the car and tell you that there is something wrong with your windshield. He has spare parts for use and tries to convince you of the necessity of changing the “faulty’ car part. You get instead a cheaper, lower-quality part, while the “mechanic” runs away. To make things worse, providing insurance info will likely determine the “mechanic” to make claims for windshield replacement.

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