Short Guide For Motorcycle Insurance

Just like cars, motorcycles need a lot of protection and maintenance. And they need adequate coverage, to reflect their safety rating, their value and, if applicable, their customization. Check the following short guide for motorcycle insurance. And if you want to get a car insurance quote or a motorcycle insurance quote, our website will deliver, for free.

Just like cars, you cannot drive a motorcycle without having financial responsibility assumed. Most states require motorcycle owners to buy liability insurance. Liability coverage, which is usually required, pays out for others’ injuries or damages if you cause an accident. The lowest amount of liability insurance you must buy for your motorcycle is the same as your state’s car insurance minimum requirements.

It is recommended to buy more than just the minimum requirements. If you hit a pedestrian or a parked car, the minimum coverage level will not be enough to cover the property damage or the medical costs for bodily injuries. And you will have to pay from your own pockets or risk being sued. Consider buying policies that cover your passengers in case of an accident. In some states, you might need to buy passenger liability coverage. Some states also require uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage as part of their minimum coverage requirements.

Anything else is optional coverage and it is up to you to decide if you buy it or not. Just like for car insurance, you should get collision and comprehensive coverage. For both policies, you must pay a deductible before the insurance company pays the rest. Stealing a motorcycle is way easier than a car, especially if the motor is parked outside, not in a garage.  Comprehensive coverage is the one that reimburses you if the bike is stolen. Look for medical payments coverage and new parts replacement coverage.

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