How To Qualify for Car Insurance After a DUI

If you get pulled over and the police officer notices that you were driving under the influence of alcohol or forbidden substances, you may end up with suspended driver’s license and a multiple court appearances and fines. You may also find that your auto insurance company will either drop coverage or you will need to pay much higher rates for insurance coverage. The first option is pretty unpleasant, since will put you on the roads and standard carriers are less likely to accept you. However, nothing is impossible. Find out how to qualify for car insurance after a DUI. Also, check our website and get car insurance quote for free.

DUIThe first thing to do is to talk with your insurer immediately after conviction. It is way better for the driver to announce the incident, then let the carrier find out later and consider applying more costly penalties. In some cases, if you were a loyal a good driver until the conviction, you can only end up with increased premiums.  The increase varies by insurer, but you will surely pay several hundred dollars more every six months. On the long term you will spend several thousands of dollars.

If you are dropped by the carrier, consider different approaches. If not required by law, you will find that attending and graduating approved defensive driving courses will increase your chances of being insured.  Consider searching online for specialized insurance providers. There are companies specialized in high-risk carriers. Make a list with 5-10 carriers and visit their websites. It is important to carefully read their terms and conditions. Furthermore, you should compare quotes. Get quotes from each company and compare prices for exactly the same coverage and extra services. Then, call the carrier with the best offer.

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