How To Cover Car Theft

Having your car stolen is one of the worst things it can happen to you. Finding your car may be a long and exhausting process and chances of recovering decrease over time.  And not benefiting of a ride may complicate your life. This is why every driver is recommended to be covered by comprehensive car insurance.  Find out more about how to cover car theft by auto insurance and visit our website for more info and car insurance free quotes.

# autoinsurance_18_600Be aware that vehicle theft is one of the costliest property crimes in the United States, costing consumers more several billions of dollars each year. You should review your car insurance plan and add car theft coverage. Comprehensive car insurance is the right policy to choose, since it covers car theft by default.

If your vehicle is stolen, your insurance policy may cover it, assuming that the car isn’t tracked and returned by authorities. Comprehensive coverage is one of those things that are great to have if you can afford it. This extra coverage is usually costly, but is has undeniable benefits. While it is never a good idea to leave valuable things inside of your vehicle, in many cases we do leave expensive electronics and other valuables. When you notice that your car was stolen, you should contact the insurer and complete a Vehicle Theft Questionnaire.  The company will ask info about:

  • Certificate of Title for the vehicle.
  • Location of all keys to the vehicle before and after the theft.
  • Names and contact information of everyone who had access to the vehicle.
  • A description of your vehicle.
  • A list of personal property stolen with your vehicle.

After that, your case will be handled by a claims examiner. In many cases, you can ask for a rental vehicle until the case is settled.

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