How High You Should Set Your Car Insurance Deductible

We all know that selecting car insurance deductibles will be a really complicated and sensitive issue. Choosing a too low level will make you pay more than you want, but choosing a too high level will make you pay more when making a claim.  This is why you should reflect a lot about how high you should set your car insurance deductible. If you want to compare quotes for different levels of deductibles, before making a decision, get a free auto insurance quote online from our website.

# images (7)Having a high deductible on your insurance means that you’ll tend to file fewer claims, which means you’re a lower risk to the insurance company, and can therefore be charged lower rates. But, before you sign up for the highest possible deductible, you would be wise to analyze just how much you’d save on your rates and whether you are financially prepared to use your cash if you do have to make a claim. When selecting a deductible, make sure it is covered by your emergency fund.  You need to consider your bank account when choosing the amount.

The market value of your car makes a big difference in what deductible makes sense to select. The more expensive your vehicle, then the more pricy is to insure. A high deductible makes sense on a high value vehicle because the savings can be significant. . But if your vehicle is 9-10 years old, it doesn’t make sense financially to apply for a high deductible, as the cost to repair the vehicle may only be a few thousand dollars more than the deductible itself. If the value of the car is less than 10 premiums for full coverage, you should consider dropping the coverage.

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