Bad Driving Habits That Increase Insurance Costs

Bad driving habits are not only risky for your life, but also costly for your insurance budget. With the development of more and more entertainment products, like smartphones or tablets, it gets easier to be distracted. But that’s not all. Find out more about the top bad driving habits and how dangerous they are. Also, from our website you can get quotes for the best automobile insurance companies in your area.

DUITexting and driving is one of the most dangerous driving habits. It is a distraction on multiple levels: audio, video, mechanic and cognitive. This is why more and more states are banning the use of cell phones and texting while driving. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop the average driver from sending and receiving text messages or talking on the phone. Statistics show that 20% of drivers regularly send and receive text messages while behind the wheel. But the numbers could be even higher, when you take out elderly drivers and consider that many individuals probably weren’t entirely honest about their behind-the-wheel habit.

Speeding is another major problem. For most of us, rushing to get to work sums up our mornings. Believe it or not, that morning rush could lead to higher car insurance premiums. All it takes is one cop to catch you going 65 in a 40 mph area one morning for you to get a ticket and points on your license. One speeding ticket with points could cause your insurance premiums to make a significant jump. An accident that resulted from speeding could have an even larger impact.

Eating while driving is another form of multi-level bad habit. From picking your French Fries to closing your ice while drinking cold drinks, all of them pose dangerous threats.  There were many accidents reported which were caused by spilled food or anything else related to eating while driving. Make sure to avoid this activity.

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